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As Chief Deputy Coroner, Matt has worked hard to provide innovative solutions to ensure that the staff have the tools they need to do the best job possible. Below is a list of the innovations that Chief Deputy Canaga has implemented during his tenure.

  1. Streamlined the Forensic Death Investigator Training Program
  2. Successfully nominated 1st Coroner employee to be recognized as Larimer County Employee of the Month.
  3. Delegated the creation of our family brochure in Spanish to better serve our non-English speaking community.
  4. Worked with Larimer County IT to get new report of death form implemented on the county website
  5. Secured the construction of a garage bay extension which safeguards our employees
  6. Applied for a biometric fingerprint scanner from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to allow for rapid decedent identification
  7. Planned and orchestrated the following in-house trainings for our Coroner staff:
    1. Driving Liability Training
    2. Emergency Vehicle Operation Training
    3. Crime Scene Photography
    4. Regional Drug Trends
    5. Evidence Collection
    6. S.A.N.E. Nurse Presentation
    7. 3 Hopeful Hearts Training on child death investigation
    8. Courtroom Testimony Training
  8. Implemented an Evidence Room Log to track to protect evidence room access
  9. Wrote an office organizational leadership chart
  10. Instituted leadership meetings for upper management in the office to avoid the duplication of efforts.
  11. Started morgue rotation for medicolegal death investigators to promote cross training within our office.
  12. Toured El Paso, Weld, Denver, and Boulder Coroner’s offices to improve efficiency and workflow by gaining insight from others.
  13. Created advanced trainings for local law enforcement on Death Investigation techniques.
  14. Implemented new evidence room policies and firearms storage.
  15. Wrote proposal for electric gurneys for each of our death investigators. Supervised the installation of the gurneys and scheduled training for staff.
  16. Secured raises for temporary employees to remain competitive in the region.
  17. Doubled our training budget in the office so that our staff can receive the finest forensic training and mental health resiliency training.
  18. Created the first ever full-time benefited Forensic Pathologist position within Larimer County.
  19. Recruited and hired Dr. Joseph White to move from Georgia and join the Coroner’s Office team.
  20. Implemented COVID-19 budgetary considerations to receive federal funding for Larimer County.
  21. Rewrote and updated Larimer County Coroner’s Office policies.
  22. Secured Powered Air Purifying Respirators (P.A.P.R.) systems for our entire investigative staff.
  23. Secured and implemented UC Health Provider Portal Access for investigative staff.  
  24. Orchestrated access to the Colorado Crime Information Center for investigative staff.
  25. Secured the following items for investigative staff
    1. Personal flotation devices
    2. Waders for water death scene response
  26. Identified and remedied missing persons concerns regarding the Larimer County Coroner website
  27. Posted, recruited, and oversaw the hiring process for numerous death investigators, autopsy assistants and administrative staff
  28. Onboarded contract pathologist to cover out of county cases and secured County Commissioner approval of new contract.
  29. Oversaw budget overage and acquired an increase to our operating budget due to 22% increase in autopsy caseload
  30. Gained county approval for an FTE Benefited position which would allow Morgue Supervisor to be full time in the morgue
  31. Prompted 100% participation in the employee voice survey
  32. Implemented regular audits of our local systems
  33. Managed the posting of MEI and Admin Assistant positions for hiring near the beginning of 2022.
  34. Secured temp employment from former Office Manager for period when Admin Assistant position was vacant.
  35. Delegated the creation of video training material for the autopsy suite
  36. Secured employee appreciation event at the Budweiser Event Center.
  37. Petitioned Larimer County Facilities to ensure the Coroner’s Office facility received a full roof replacement in 2022.
  38. Obtained new flood lighting for the Coroner’s Office parking lot.  
  39. Oversaw roof replacement process.
  40. Initiated Retroactive COVID Review of every COVID death which occurred in Larimer County.
  41. Oversaw the integration of 2 factor authentication for all coroner employees
  42. Updated morgue wall and floor protection to ensure a longer life for our facility.
  43. Successfully negotiated 50k reduction in fees from our biohazard removal company
  44. Submitted proposal to secure locking evidence lockers for our trucks
  45. Submitted proposal for a one-way evidence submission locker for the evidence room
  46. Softened the family room to make the next of kin more comfortable when visiting the Coroner’s Office.
  47. Organized, planned, and led the inter-faith training event in Fort Collins with numerous faith communities
  48. Organized and implemented a meeting between the funeral homes of Larimer County and the Public Administrators office
  49. Created a new form for use for Public Administrator cases
  50. Submitted DNA on all unidentified cases from Larimer County to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for genome sequencing and subsequent genealogy testing.
  51. Started annual truck and gear inspection
  52. Created a new autopsy request form for outside coroner’s offices.
  53. Started bi-annual morgue cleaning schedule for staff


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