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As the Chief Deputy Coroner, Matt has been working diligently to expand and improve the function and role of the Coroner's Office. While Matt oversees all Coroner operations, he is especially passionate about the following issues: 

Mental Health Partnerships

As the Chief Deputy Coroner, Matt has already secured a grant through the Office of Suicide Prevention which will increase our offices work with the mental health community. Matt has a deep desire to ensure that the staff of the Coroner's Office are also proactive in their own mental health care. As Coroner, Matt will create the first Larimer County Coroner's Peer Support Team. 


On top of their already rigorous training, Matt will ensure that each death investigator receives advanced training in elder abuse, child death investigation, and Fentanyl related deaths.  

Collaboration with our Larimer County Institutions

As a Marine, Matt was wounded in combat and currently receives care through the VA. Matt will partner with the VA at a local and regional level so that data can be shared with decision makers and the public. Matt will work to provide the most accurate data to our local health care providers, Public Health Department, and the public at large. 

Family First Model of Care

Under Matt's direction, the Coroner's Office will ensure that when a person dies, the family will be taken care of by a specific death investigator. Some Coroner's Offices are forced to have three or four employees work with a single family. As Coroner, Matt will ensure that any grieving family will be specifically attended to by one death investigator. 

Data Sharing and Transparency

Matt will continue his innovation of nearly every aspect of the Coroner's Office by ensuring that the public has up to date  data that can help save lives. 

Focus on Public Health

As Coroner, Matt will continue to partner with the local public health community to ensure that the Coroner's Office is an active participant in improving the overall wellbeing of Larimer County citizens. 

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