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Dr. James A. Wilkerson Resignation

Hello Larimer County. Effective today, Dr. James A. Wilkerson has resigned as the Coroner of Larimer County. I wanted to share his resignation letter with you all because I believe his words matter. Dr. Wilkerson wrote this letter to the elected officials, the staff of the Coroner's Office and the citizens of our community.

I have personally learned a great deal in the field of forensic science from Dr. Wilkerson. He was always providing instruction during examinations and taught me the standards of care our community should expect. I have served as his Chief Deputy for the last two years and hope to continue my service as the next Coroner of this fine county.

The Forensic Pathologist who has been your Coroner for the last 8 years is endorsing me to be his replacement. I am grateful to have his recommendation.

Thank you to Dr. Wilkerson, Kim, and his children for the sacrifices made to serve. Our community is not aware of what you gave on a daily basis. Good luck in all that you do.

Canaga For Coroner
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