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Mental Health Awareness Month

When I was in Iraq, mental health awareness did not exist. Since leaving the Marines, our country has grown a great deal in understanding the impact that trauma has on the body and human psyche. As a Larimer County Coroner's Office employee for the last 13 years, I have seen first hand the impact of mental health struggles. Often, I have cared for families who have experienced loss due to mental health struggles. Other times, I internally struggled to process the burden of extended exposure to the difficult things we endure every day at the office.
For the last several years, mental health partnerships have been at the forefront of my mind. As the Chief Deputy Coroner, I have worked to make mental health awareness a discussion within our staff meetings and will continue to partner with our local agencies to ensure that families and employees are cared for with dignity and respect. Visit to learn more about my vision for the Larimer County Coroners Office and my campaign. Be safe out there.

Canaga For Coroner
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