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Shop Talk Tuesday

For the last many years, our elected Coroner has been a Forensic Pathologist. When Dr. Wilkerson announced that he was not running for re-election, I realized we would need to build a position within the county for a doctor.

Building the position was the easy part. Finding, recruiting, and interviewing an out of state doctor was not an easy task. However, as the Chief Deputy Coroner of the office, I worked tirelessly to ensure that the citizens of Larimer County would be served well into the future by a premier physician.

On August 1, Dr. Joe White started at the Larimer County Coroner's Office! He has been an amazing addition to the Coroner team. This photo is of the Administrative Matters meeting where I introduced Dr. White to the Board of County Commissioners.

I have been a very active Chief Deputy with concrete results to show for my work. To see over 50 innovations I have brought to the Coroner's Office, please visit the Innovative Solutions tab of this website.


Canaga For Coroner
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